Looking for a Unique Public or Private Tour?

Book 1 Bike or 1 Trolley Pod

10 Riders or Less

This Holiday Season, we are offering tours on two types of vehicles, either our Party Bikes, or, at select times, on board modified Old-Town Trolleys!

Party Bike Tours – Exactly what you know us for!  Running through December!

Holiday Trolley Tours – see the Holiday Lights of Downtown and beyond in an Old Town Festive Holiday Trolley!

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*Each bike / trolley pod holds up to 10 riders for 2020 tours to meet state requirements

Book 2+ Bikes or 2 Trolley Pods

10 Riders or More

Whether riding on the Party Bike or the Trolley, there is need to leave anyone out! Give us a shout and we will help you coordinate your larger group outing!

Up to 40 riders on our Party Bikes (10 on each of our 4 bikes)

Up to 20 riders on our Holiday Trolley (split into two pods of 10 each on board the trolley – don’t worry, you can see your festive friends in the other pod through the plexiglass :)!

Text us at 567.218.1660 to start the process for booking multiple bikes or multiple trolley pods!

Gift Certificates

Experiences appreciate in value, Material items don’t. 



Party Bike Pricing Details:  100% Pedal Group Tours cost $269.99 and Electric Assist Group Tours cost $299.99.  Pricing is fixed regardless of day of the week or number of riders (up to 10 riders per Party Bike)

Holiday Trolley Pricing Details:  A private pod on our Holiday Trolley Tours costs $399.99 and can fit up to 10 riders.  Pricing is fixed regardless of day of week or number of riders (up to 10 riders per private Trolley Pod, two trolley pods per Trolley)


Party Bikes (2 hour tour):  We operate tours every day of the week, from our start time of 1:15pm to our last tour end time of 10:50pm.  We require bookings to be made 48 hours in advance, but if you have a day-of request, just text us at 567.218.1660 and we’ll try to work something out for you.

Holiday Trolley (110 minute tour): The Holiday Trolley tours are offered each Friday and Saturday from Nov 27 – Dec 19.  Trolley tour start times are:  530p, 6p, 730p, 8p, 930p, and 10p.


We are unfortunately not able to offer any individual seat sales this year (for either the Party Bikes or Trolleys) due to state orders related to Covid19.  Instead of individual sales, we have private group tours available in packages of 10 riders each!


Party Bikes:  One will be e-mailed to you when you book a tour, but is also here.

Holiday Trolleys:  Each member of your group will sign a paper waiver at check-in.

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